Use cases

DIDYMOS-XR will research and develop robust and scalable methods for 3D scene reconstruction from heterogeneous cameras and sensor data (e.g., lidar), integrating data captured at different times and under different environmental conditions and creating accurate maps of the scene.


Urban planning and smart mobility +

Create digital twins of cities and their infrastructure, based on existing digital information, captured with dedicated equipment and low-quality sensors available at scale (e.g., cameras in cars), and keep them up to date relying on deployed static and moving cameras, sensor data and data from relevant systems. This enables XR applications for urban planning, citizen involvement, smart mobility and tourism.


Collaboration with autonomous mobile robots at an industrial production facility +

Create cost-effective digital twins of existing production facilities and keep them synchronised with data from autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and humans. Collaborative mapping with a human in the loop will ensure

high-fidelity digital twins, ensure worker safety in applications relying on digital twin data and collect data for further training of automatic reconstruction and mapping approaches.